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We established BarristerDirect to help you to find a barrister for advice under direct access when you need it most. We have been involved in litigation ourselves, and understand the position you are in and what you will be going through. We have experience in using direct access for our own advice, and believe it is the best option to give you rapid and reassuring information on where you stand legally, and what you need to do next for your case. BarristerDirect is part of the newly launched ShenSmith Barristers - providing expert legal advice to a wide range of clients.

When using a solicitor, we felt that the process took much longer than necessary and produced two separate legal bills. We also had concerns as to whether the solicitor fully understood the technicalities of our case. Barristers however grasped the points immediately, and also raised points that even we hadn't thought of.

We would recommend direct access every time, where it is deemed suitable by the barrister.

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